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Terms and conditions of the flora-print.de marketing platform

General / contract
1st The marketing platform www.flora print.de-packaged and marketed the
photographic work of the photo designer Antje-Katrin Hansen. The offer
at entrepreneurs in the sense of § 14 BGB, such as publishers, agencies,
Operations of e-commerce, etc.
2nd Terms of the flora-print.de contradictory or different terms of
Customers will not be approved.
3rd Any use of the images of flora-print.de requires the previous conclusion
a valid license agreement between the respective customers and flora-print.de

A contract with flora-print.de occurs as follows:
On the website of flora-print.de is a catalog-like overview over to the
Grouting related images shown. In the process of ordering a license over
the website of flora-print.de, the customer offers to conclude a
corresponding license agreement from. Such a contract arises from the assumption
this offer by print.de flora, flora-by print.de either an expressive
Acceptance transmitted, electronically transmitted images
and / or an invoice transmitted.
Usage rights and fees / Copyright
1st Each offered by flora-print.de footage is copyrighted.
2nd By purchasing a license, the customer receives a non-exclusive,
spatially unrestricted, the content may be taken by individual agreement
concretized usage rights for single use in accordance with the
license purchased. For any other use must be renewed license acquisition occur.
If visual material is not used within 90 days of purchasing a license, must
also made a renewed license acquisition. The cost of licensing is in Rückerstattung
excluded such cases. Acquired by payment of compensation payments
a customer is neither the property nor the right to use images.
3rd After 90 days of license purchase, the customer of flora-print.de
required to delete the licensed image material from its data sources. This
Obligation does not concern the media in which the imagery within the 90-day
Period from acquisition of licenses under the licenses purchased printed or otherwise
was published.
4th Customers of flora-print.de are not entitled to grant sub-licenses.
5th The material may flora print without prior written consent of.
de are not edited or altered in any way.
Shortcomings of the flora print.de-made photographic material for grouting unverzüglich
after receipt by telephone, fax or e-mail gegenüber flora-print.de to assert
. make Hidden defects are to unverzüglich Rugen after their discovery.

Warranty, Liability, Statute of Limitations
1st flora-print.de übernimmt, unless, in each case expression otherwise assured
Darfur no guarantee that the right of personal portrayal of people shown,
Rights of third parties, such as personality rights, rights in the company, etc. by
Use of the artwork are not violated.
2nd For the case that any third party due to the use of the flora of the grouting-print.de
provided material through the customer claims gegenüber customers collect,
the customer must unverzüglich with flora-print.de have a link to the
further action in legal terms can be coordinated.
3rd Occur if the supply of picture material defects in image quality, focus
such needs of customers in accordance with statutory requirements. The customer is
by flora-print.de matter in terms of digital pictures in a re-
Download available.
The assertion of Schadenersatzansprüchen by the customer in this
Case except in case of intent or gross negligence.
4th In other cases held liable for negligence print.de flora-only in the case
that an essential contractual obligation was breached. In all cases, the liability
Liability to the typical and foreseeable damages, unless
Intent should be given.
5th The aforementioned liability restrictions do not apply in the most demanding
under the Product Liability Act and an injury to life, limb or
6th All claims directed against flora-print.de from breach of contract
expected to expire after one year from the statutory limitation period, provided they
not based on intentional conduct.

Copyright notice / copies
The image material is published with the copyright notice "flora-print.de" or
To identify "Flora Print.de" and the name of the photographer / photographer. At
Omission of such a copyright notice is a surcharge of 100%
the agreed fees due.
Customers are required to flora-print.de two copies free of charge and
spontaneously within two weeks after publication in the print media to

Customer Liability
If the customer of flora print.de-grouting to photographic images made without authorization
use, edit, modify or disclose in any form to third parties,
Third grant rights of use or unauthorized digital copies of the grouting
material provided and make such available to third parties has, flora print the customer.
de from all claims of third parties that may result
exempt. flora-print.de In such a case and even in the event that Customer
deletion of data to be carried out one refrain, entitled to a
Penalty in the amount of the agreed fee or fivefold if no
There is agreement over a fee in the amount of fivefold usual fee,
minimum € 300.00 per image and each individual case. However, the customer is
admitted to prove that a lesser or no damage
was caused by his actions. flora-print.de has the right, possibly even
further claim against the customer to enforce.
Customer Liability for analogue material
The customer is liable for the integrity of supplied material to the analog image
Input of the analog image material at print.de flora. The above also applies
if analog images of flora print.de on customer-sent to a third party
Can no longer a supplied original result of damage or destruction
be used or it is lost in the risk of the customer, this has
for damages in the amount of € 1,000.00 per lost or
to make damaged slide / photo. The customer has the right to prove that
have incurred less damage or no damage. flora-print.de reserves the right to
to make such a case may also further claims.
Slides are skimmed, the label removed or defaced, it must
done by the customer to restore the original state.

If not, the customer bears the cost of the Wiederherstellung.Diapositive dürfen are not duplicated.

1st Any use of the flora of the print image made jointing material
to royalties. Covers, for example also uses the image details
by electronic image processing methods or by similar techniques
Be part of new footage. Also the use of imagery for
Presentations, sample books, work sheets etc. are protected by copyright.
2nd The fee is agreed before use and Zurverfügungstellung. It
directed in the amount of the agreed use and the agreed
3rd All fees in offers, price lists and other documents on the
Website by flora-print.de Prices exclude VAT.

Final Provisions
1st The invalidity or nullity of individual provisions not be affected, the
Effectiveness of these terms and conditions in other respects.
2nd Erfüllungsort and jurisdiction is Hamburg.
3rd The law of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the
Conflicts of law and the CISG.

The terms and conditions apply in the german version